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chemical2A well known Winery, with large scale production, had a decade old problem with mold, on walls, ceilings, pipes and equipment. They tried various products and companies that tried many solutions, all to no avail. The Mold was not coming off or being removed. Keith Britto was approached about problem, worked with Winery Staff, suggesting and testing 1 Product for cleaning, 1 product for Sanitizing, changing Cleaning Equipment and techniques. Results; removal of all mold present, with Sanitizing methods to minimize and prohibit future growth of mold colonization with a Staff that is now properly trained to handle specific Sanitation procedures of their Plant.


A USDA producer had problems with little to no Training & Service Reporting of their Sanitation Staff, thereby making it very difficult to track and indentify sources of Sanitation issues. Proper Sanitation products were not being stocked or used as then Supplier being used was not suffciently meeting Plants needs or properly stocking them. FSC reviewed Sanitation issues, and then put together a comprehensive Sanitation-Supply Management Program that met customers needs and wants. Customer now gets Electronic Reporting, as well a partner who instead of running for cover when audits come up, stands next to customer and shows up at audits with/for customer when needed!!


An FDA Producer was having Drain build up and back ups, No GMP’s or Sanitation
Program,  as well as NO way of identifying how chemicalmuch chemical he was using on a regular basis. Results of FSC’s help; NO back ups from Equipment and Chemicals suggested use, a metered Chemical Flow System, thereby monitoring complete spend on Chemical and Supply program. Also, Safety Program introduced and Trained by FSC has been implemented and being used